Price for Managed & Do-It-Yourself eMail Marketing

When using or subscribing to eMarketing Manager's technoMail there are 3 pricing requirements based on the service you require:
1) Choose Managed eMarketing or D.I.Y.
2) Monthly Access Fee is require for all
3) Message Send Costs is billed "post paid"

1) Choosing Managed or D.I.Y. - Firstly you will need to decide whether you will be creating, inputting content and sending your eMarketing Campaigns yourself or would you like to appoint us as your eMarketing Manager? Choose a suitable package… more info…

Managed eMarketing means that we do all the hard work for you. All you do is send us content in text form and pictures you have and we create and design your eMail and eMarketing templates, banners, headers logos etc. We also manage your databases according to Spam & Privacy Policies.

2) Monthly Access Fees - these relate to a daily peak database size during each month. The peak database size is calculated from the total number of records across all databases.

3) Message Send Costs
- relate to the fees associated with sending email and SMS messages per month.

4) Optional Extras - these are optional features modules and services that can be added to your account at anytime you require them.

For databases with more than 500,000 records, or for sending greater than 100,000 emails, please contact us for a personalised quote.

All prices quoted above are in Australian Dollars.
If you reside outside Australia, you may use the Currency Converter provided by
* Prices include GST or administrative charges where your organisation resides outside Australia

^ Your technoMail account comes with 50MB of free file storage per month. Each MB over 50MB will be charged at 10c/MB per month.

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