Why e-mail Marketing?

Simply because it works!!
You can increase your average return by more than 6 times compared to printed media marketing and more than double on other forms of online marketing. Based on research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, e-mail marketing is predicted to return almost $50 for every dollar spent. That is an incredible opportunity for any business these days.

Not only that...

        It's cost effective - no more printing costs so you save loads

      It's delivered quickly - e-mail is immediate so no waiting for postage system. Most
        e-mails are read within 48hours of sending.

        It's measurable - e-mail can be tracked and the reports we can generate can even
        tell you who opened the e-mail and when, if they clicked to your website and the
        products they were interested in. Your clients can also forward the e-mail to friends, so
        increasing your readership.

We do the time consuming work for you so you can concentrate on your business.

We take care of the details for you
We make sure you never miss a marketing opportunity by sending out reminders in advance to prepare your promotions or content and send us your client lists for the upcoming campaign. We'll make sure your marketing complies with SPAM regulations and handle your client subscriptions or mailing lists.

Comprehensive reporting
With our Loud package subscription, you will receive monthly reports, detailing how your campaigns are performing, who's read them or not, who has unsubscribed and much more. This means you can always make sure your marketing is bringing you the results you expect.

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